My Friend Dilip

His nickname is Bow Bow

Dilip was very cool character ! he will not make problem !!!
That bow bow is does’t mean dog…
it is a codeword for giving mokkais to other guys, he is the one who introduce it.Thats the reason,we call him as bow bow

The record u kept in college .that is, in all semester u took only one!! amazing

bow bow likes only kho-kho match..and play cricket and kho-kho very well.thats his outdoor games .
He is the one of the main man where we able to defeat the 4th year class in cricket tournament when we was in the 2nd year.. **he only produce the last crucial run..
The day we became champions in our collage .

if he gets one camera he will not leave it ..untill the battery is over…
oh wat abt his cell? ya he doesnt leave his cell also ..
he take so many picture . he is mastered in taking pictures…

A charming n a cool personality i never see in my life

<– Friendz Diary–>

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