My Friend Prasanth

His Nick Name is Sleeping Boy

Prashanth is a cool person to have around.You will never have a heavy moment when he is with you..
he is the greatĀ Comedian..he perform mimikiri for us..he is very Energetic. without him our class will me very silent enjoyment..
In Class, Most of the time he will sleep..and some time he will be caught..but he will escape very nicely..
i ve had small fights with him too…but just turns friendly at next min itself..thats his talent
He is a great fan of SURYA….loves him a lot..
He plays cricket very well…one of best to play with him…
I am happy to have a friend like him!!!!

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7 thoughts on “My Friend Prasanth”

  1. Hey Rajesh,
    I just noticed that I am also in your Blog friend’s column, thanks a lot! Unfortunately the only way I can offer you a link is through the top commentators’ widget! By the way, that picture is pretty funny!

    Abdulrehmanā€™s last blog post..If the LHC Computing Grid was Mineā€¦

  2. prasanth is really good friend for everyone.he’s d person to whom i talked first in my college on first day and he happened to be my neighbour in the class on the very first day.Hope he also remembers that.also as rajesh said he’s die heart fan of surya.wishing him to get settled in IBM soon.

    sathyaā€™s last blog post..Rajinikanth to manage his fan club

  3. Why didnt I consider this? I hear exactly what youre saying and Im so happy that I came across your blog. You truly know what youre talking about, and you created me feel like I really should learn more about this. Thanks for this; Im officially a huge fan of your blog

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My Friend SathyaMy Friend Sathya

His NickName is ED

He is a very intelligent guy..Ā always looks to do some puzzles and sudokuā€¦He won so many prizes on many tournaments.

He always look for new challenges.

In college he was very quite guy, he will be more famous only on the exam..because all the friendz ask him to sit near by him so that we all get passed in the exam.Ā One of the funniest moment was, my friendz who sat near him and copied get passed but he failsā€¦

when it comes to university exam he always help me in reading …andĀ encourage me in studies, one of the reason i got good more mark in exam..

He is so nice to me, always help me in getting more knowledge and encourage me..he is veryĀ Patient cool guy..

He deserves more than he got…

<ā€“ Friendz Diaryā€“>

Went to see Kedi Billa Killadi Ranga movieWent to see Kedi Billa Killadi Ranga movie

Kedi Billa Killadi Ranga

Kedi Billa Killadi Ranga

After seeing earlierĀ Pandiraj film i thought, iĀ shouldĀ go for this film for sure. On the first day itself i asked so many friends for this movie. Finally only two had come. I and my friends went our area local theatre – KumaranĀ theatre . WeĀ purchasedĀ theĀ ticketĀ in the ticketĀ counterĀ and finally went inside the show.

Pandiraj had not let me down. After Boss Engira Baskaran movie this the movie which kept be feel happy and enjoyed. Usually the comedy and action films are my favorites. This movie will be in one my favorites.

Both the hero and Heroin and soori gives there best in this movie. I returned happily to my home. I would ask every body see this film in theatre without fail.