Sms Msg-That I Like

Funny Sms Msg:

Two Lovers plan to suicide. Boy jumped first, Girl closed her eyes and return back saying “love is blind. Boy in air opened his parachute saying “love never dies.

Nice Thoughts:

Law of beautiful life Is defined as “Living in hell with our loved onces is always better than living in heaven with no one

Butterflies don’t know what was their wings color but human eyes know how pretty they are. Likewise “you don’t know how nice you are but your friendz know how special you are

As long as we have memories, yesterday remains; as long as we have hope, tomorrow awaits. As long as we have Friendship, each day is never a waste.

Moon said to me, if your friend is not messaging u why don’t you leave your friend. I looked at moon and said does your sky ever leave you when you don’t shine.

Memories have their strange ways‘ They leave u alone when you are in a crowd
But when you are alone. “They stand around u like a crowd“.

Some Interesting Thoughts real fact:-

Three things in life once gone never come back:




Three things in life are never sure:




Three things in life that make you great person:



3.Self confidence

Three things in life are most valuable:


2.Self Respect


Three things in life must not be lost:





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  2. sapimoto

    Your story about two lovers at first paragraph, make me laugh. The boy have a very good preparation.
    And about memories, I jast can say wew… It’s very complicated…

    sapimoto’s last blog post..Batu Night Spectacular – BNS

  3. Wow! This is such a nice post, Rajesh. Do you mind if I borrow some of your quotes? I will give you the credit on it. 🙂

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