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I Got the Endhiran’s music CD

Yesterday i have seen the audio launch of the Endhiran movie through online. The audio launch event was peppered with onstage dance performances, screening of songs, trailer and speeches.

Endhiran’s music is scored by double Oscar winner A R Rahman and the audio hit the shelves yesterday at audio stores and was available for listening online as well. The audio was released jointly by A R Rahman, Aishwarya Rai, Rajini Kanth, Kalanidhi Maran, Vairamuthu and Shankar.

Today i went out and bought the Endhiran’s music CD. It is tough to get Endhiran’s music CD because most of the music CD was sold out. At last after searching every shop i got the Endhiran’s music CD.

I showed Endhiran’s music CD to my friends and my family that i got the Endhiran’s music CD….ya ya

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