Friendzworld Cricket,Friends,Personal Last Week with My friends played Cricket Games

Last Week with My friends played Cricket Games

Hi friends! last Saturday is quite a mix of tension and joy. Last Saturday i would like to go to Bangalore for an official work. Last Minute cancel of the work made be in Chennai with my family. At the evening i called up my three of my friends for playing a cricket multi-player game.

It was quite enjoyable at first. First we made a two team and played each other. I and satya grouped as one team team1. Sharavana and suresh is grouped as another team team2.  I won the game easily. The last mach was quite interesting as IplT20. We Team 1 made 60 runs in allotted 20 overs. The match went to last over with 2 wickets in the hand and 7 to win. i need to take two wickets or i should maintain him under 6 runs in the last over. Unfortunately i have stared the over with wide and 2 runs as byes. It became so interesting and tensed,  finally i took the rest of the wickets and won by 1 runs. so tensed!! we cheered each other and gave a high five!

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  1. I read blogs on a similar topic, but i never visited your blog. I added it to favorites and i’ll be your constant reader.

  2. hey nice game la…we should appreciate sharavana for giving tough fight da
    .-= Satya´s last blog ..Rajinikanth’s prize to kamalhassan =-.

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My Friend DilipMy Friend Dilip

His nickname is Bow Bow

Dilip was very cool character ! he will not make problem !!!
That bow bow is does’t mean dog…
it is a codeword for giving mokkais to other guys, he is the one who introduce it.Thats the reason,we call him as bow bow

The record u kept in college .that is, in all semester u took only one!! amazing

bow bow likes only kho-kho match..and play cricket and kho-kho very well.thats his outdoor games .
He is the one of the main man where we able to defeat the 4th year class in cricket tournament when we was in the 2nd year.. **he only produce the last crucial run..
The day we became champions in our collage .

if he gets one camera he will not leave it ..untill the battery is over…
oh wat abt his cell? ya he doesnt leave his cell also ..
he take so many picture . he is mastered in taking pictures…

A charming n a cool personality i never see in my life

<– Friendz Diary–>

My Friend Prakash(talent) birthdayMy Friend Prakash(talent) birthday

Yesterday its my Friend Prakash(talent) birthday. we usually celebrate his birthday as Talent day in our college.

oh! Don’t think he is very much talented. we kept this for special purpose. which is very much opposite of talent.

This day, me and my other friends had a plan, to wish him through SMS. we thought to send more than 500 sms or even 1000 sms wishes to him. And it worked out well. He get annoyed with these much of sms. wow!! our plan worked out very well.

we had a great fun with him…

Hope he is blessed with all the happiness.