Get together in INDeco Mahabalipuram

Prince ECE Boysz Get together in INDeco Mahabalipuram. After a well planned tour we had started on 11 jun. As i had office. i started around 5 pm and went there before 6 pm. My friends already had booked the room and started to play cricket and volleyball. I joined them and then around 7pm went to swimming pool and enjoyed.

Till 2 am we played cards and chat each other. Morning we woke up around 6am and played cricket, TT and volleyball. After some time we had our breakfast.

After some time we speak to each other and left from the place. It is nice to see all of my friends together after long days.


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  1. Alberto Krus says:

    we always play cricket at home with my friends because we really love this game in the same way we love baseball.’

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