Polaris Just Like That Party

This year Polaris arranged the Just Like That get together party at Mamalla resort. They arranged the transport for the associates. BSC1 associates are working in the Sakthi Towers office located in Mount Road. The bus was started from Mount road at 3:30 PM. We reached the Mamalla resort around 5 PM. We went to the beach and we played in the beach.
They conducted some fun games in the stage. Some people sung songs. They provided some funny awards to the people. Varun Kumar from our team got the Apporva Saotharargal award. and Sekhar got the tension thangarasu. With 2 Awards for our 4c team we got more awards credit goes to varun and sekhar. Sekar missed so many awards but finally get way with tension thangarasu.

The function got over at 7:30 and the real party was begun at 7:30PM. Bar was opened in one side and the food was provided in another side. In the Bar, Beer was provided to all the associates. Most of the associates drank beer and went to have their dinner. The dinner was over at 8:30.
After the party, the bus was started. Totally 6 buses were arranged for the associates. Everyone was returned to their home safely. The party was really fun for all the associates. Hope Ben from our team went with 10 glass of beers happliy


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