Friendzworld Movies,Personal Went to See harry potter and the deathly hallows part 2 in AGS theatre

Went to See harry potter and the deathly hallows part 2 in AGS theatre

On Thursdays, I and my friends went to See harry potter and the deathly hallows part 2 in AGS theatre. This was preview show. Newly bulid 3d theatre  in AGS navalur is amazing.

After 10 years of near-constant filming, the celluloid series is complete. Incredibly young Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson were when this all started, one marvels that they’ve all grown up to be as physically plausible for the roles. It has been an extraordinary run.

Deathly Hallows Part 1 happily a thing of the past, Ron and Hermione lend stalwart support, but the burdens of the consummation lie squarely upon Harry’s shoulders and lead one to appreciate Radcliffe’s accomplishment here and throughout the series.

The eventual sight of Hogwarts as a crumbled ruin is striking, Eduardo Serra’s cinematography outclasses. Finally the Harry Potter ends well as tamil film.

The final film in the franchise took 92.1million dollars on its first day, Friday. The finale of the Harry Potter saga also set a record for midnight screenings with 43.5million dollars.

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Ace director Shankar talk about Endhiran(Enthiran) Latest NewsAce director Shankar talk about Endhiran(Enthiran) Latest News

Ace director Shankar talk about Endhiran (also spelt as Enthiran). He still feels it is too early to talk about Endhiran (also spelt as Enthiran) but yielded to reveal a few things with 75% of the schedule over. Shankar said it would be one rung higher than what one saw in Sivaji which is Rajinikanth’s youthful look. Endhiran would fulfil all the expectations which audiences expect from Rajinikanth. His chemistry with Aiswharya Rai (in the role of a medical research student) should be a visual treat for the diehard fans of both.

The Endhiran effect had to be special, more so with Rajinikanth at the helm. Shankar justifies the excessive use of graphics as the plot is all about a robot. Normally, the trend is to finish the movie and go for graphics. We had a graphics team accompanying us right through the shoot to decide on the angle and where the graphics effect would fit in ideally. It would be a victory if our audiences, with a taste for Hollywood fare, compare those films favourably with Endhiran. The picturisation will be in the Hollywood range but the audience will be able to relate the happenings with the issues like the ones of Indian and Anniyan

Preparing for the final leg of the shoot (two songs to be canned abroad) Shankar said the first science-fiction film in Tamil will deal with the good and bad effects of robots in the backdrop of Indian culture.

My Friend SrivatsanMy Friend Srivatsan

Name : Srivatsan

Nick Name: vatsa

He is a cool guys, like swimining very much..

He is a great friend to have when he is around u can enjoy every moment. i cant forget the moments that happened in iv tour..he is one among the best entertainer in our college…

He always helps other and gives new idea ..

He is one of the great friends i have.

He is one of the member of suguna gang in our college..

Hope he is blessed with all the happiness and he keeps smiling always!!

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Will Aascar Ravichandran’s dream featuring Jackie Chan in his next movie come true?Will Aascar Ravichandran’s dream featuring Jackie Chan in his next movie come true?

Earlier Aascar Ravichandran had said that his next movie will feature Jackie Chan and it would be a Hollywood project. Like all Jackie Chan movies this will also be a big budget venture by international standards. Producer Aascar Ravichandran had distributed Jackie Chan’s movies for a number of years now. The actor was also a special guest for the audio release of the producer’s latest hit ‘Dasavatharam’.

Now what we hear from the close circle of the producer is that the project is almost confirmed! Yeah folks you heard it right! The biggest stunner is the news about the film’s production cost.  Edward Tang, the script writer of Jackie Chan’s 1985 hit ‘Police Story-1’ is the one who will work on this project too. Sources say that Ravichandran will go with Jackie Chan to meet the writer soon. There are some buzz that the film’s budget is a whopping 250 crores! For which 2 NRIs will be contributing 150 crores and an Indian leading IT company will invest the remaining 100 crores.