Going to Andaman for a trip

Andaman-Nicobar Tour

As normal every year, this year too me and my friends thought to get together. But this time we panned for a big. We thought to go for Andaman.

We all know that cost is going to be factor for panning this tour. As many of them don’t get chance as some of them may settle in their life soon, we though this is the right time to go for a big trip.

We planned for a lot of things in the mined and finally we had choose the date and time. We choose the date on 19th web sep 2012. We booked the Air India ticket which would cost 9000 per head to and fro. We thought to book Kingfisher as the cost is much lower but due to regular cancellation of flight we choose airindia.

Now we are started preparing for Andaman tour.


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