My Bike Condition

It is almost two and half years i used my bike without any problem. It helped me each and every situation until recent two and half weeks. The issue was happen when i went for bike service as Raj yamaha service. While giving the bike for service there was no issue. After service, next two days the bike battery gets problem and soon lights went our and then self started got out. When i enquirer about the issue with the local bike service shop they told the battery problem and then rectifier problem. The rectifier used to down the battery with inappropriate current flow which lead to bulb fuse and self starter getting burst out.

I almost spend 6000 rs to figure out the problem. I thought this was happen due wrong service done by Raj yamaha service team people. If this would happen in US. It seems like i can sue then but here there is no way, If i like to do the same i need to wait for another 10 years to get the amount back.



  1. Dai who told you to give service to Yamaha ?? If free service over give outside. I know a guy in Nanganallur. Let me know next time.

  2. Gany

    Very Pitty. You should have given somewhere. Go with KV’s advice.

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