Symposium Name – GlanzKrieg



My college which had the inaugural Symposium, when i was studying the 3rd year 2007.  We made our college proud and our Department proud by take care of all the ECE Department Symposium work inspite of last minute 4th year students back out.

We worked hard to achieve the success of the inaugural Symposium. Here i am not going to tell about the story of my college Symposium. I just want to say that how GlanzKrieg name was choosen for our Symposium and still on. The inaugural Symposium consists of four department, each department should choose the  their department Symposium name. We friends gathered and thought the name should be unique and no body in the state had used the name for their symposium before.

Finally the name was decided as GlanzKrieg. one of my friend Karthick alias gaja had studied Germany language and come up which GlanzKrieg name told the meaning as “War of brilliance”. This was we want and also the name was very catchy. GlanzKrieg was started on 2007 still our juniors are using the same name, while other department student, used their own name.

Coming years, sure this name will be same for the ECE Symposium for my college. Our team will be remembered for not only for inaugural Symposium but also for the Symposium name – GlanzKrieg


  1. Gany

    Useless college and useless Symposium.

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