Kerala Boat House -Team outing

Kerala Boat House -Team outing. Office Team outing was planned well three months before. We had booked boat house and train ticket well in advanced.

More than 21 person from our team wished to come finally on the day 19 person include me had started to Team outing Kerala Boat House. On the 8th mar 2013 friday we started our trip to Kerala through train.

We had reached Kerala Kottayam place on next day 8’0 clock. From there we went to Kumarakom boot house and enjoyed the backwater and boot house sight seeing.

We had went to various sight seeing and returned back to Chennai on monday 8 am and back to work.


  1. Gany

    Good. How much did it cost? How many boats you used?

    • raj

      It cost around 28000 for 20 members…Only one boat it has 6 rooms

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