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My First Oracle Certification

On Feb 18th 2013,  I had finished my First Oracle Certification. I had tried for OCA Oracle Certified Associate , But for a Oracle Certified Associate i need to finish two exam hence i choose SQL and PL/SQL. I need to write PL/SQL exam to finish OCA Certification.

Initially i though SQL Exam will be easy but to my luck i had checked the person who had written the exam and came to know it was tough. It is not always the one word answer. Most of the question will reasoning and choosing two or three correct answer.

Before the exam night i reviewed all the model question which was available online. In the exam i felt easy due to many work out which i had done already in office and home. Thanks to my friends who also helped me. I and four of my friends went for the exam and all of them scored more than 92 percent.

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