Two Weeks Of Viral Fever

Hi friends! due to viral fever i couldn’t see you around for the past two weeks. It has been very hard to be lonely and be rested these days. First of all i thanks to my friends KV, vatsen and dilip, who taken to me to the hospitals at the right time. At first i though it was normal fever so i take the precaution tablet. After three days, i hadn’t get recovered. On that time my friends came to my house to see me as usual.

After some time i though the fever is too heavy so i asked my friends to take me to hospital. At first i didn’t think the fever was too heavy but when the nurse in the hospital given the report that temperature was 136.8 degree i get little tensed up. After the consulting with the doctor and take up the injection i found little relief. my friends then take up me back to my house and left. Doctor asked me to take rest for two days. so i took two days rest but my fever was not fully recovered. For the past two weeks i was in bed rest. After my fever was gone i went to see the movie avatar. Me and my friends planned to see this movie before new year but due to my fever we postpone to this sunday. see my next post for the experience that i had with movie avatar…


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