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My Friend SathyaMy Friend Sathya

His NickName is ED

He is a very intelligent guy.. always looks to do some puzzles and sudoku…He won so many prizes on many tournaments.

He always look for new challenges.

In college he was very quite guy, he will be more famous only on the exam..because all the friendz ask him to sit near by him so that we all get passed in the exam. One of the funniest moment was, my friendz who sat near him and copied get passed but he fails…

when it comes to university exam he always help me in reading …and encourage me in studies, one of the reason i got good more mark in exam..

He is so nice to me, always help me in getting more knowledge and encourage me..he is very Patient cool guy..

He deserves more than he got…

<– Friendz Diary–>

My Friend KvMy Friend Kv

His NickName is Karthik
Actually His Name was Karthik and His nickname was Kv. But as day prolongs It becomes other way round..even in their house they call him as kv

The atmosphere around him will always be fun and fun only. The best part of him is his timing of teasing others and himself also. He will know exactly what to tell to make the people around him laugh without hurting others.

He has great wits and can tackle any situation with his humor. Cool guy remains cool and calm always.

I know him from my childhood we studied in same school , same college and in same class..

I am very happy to have found such a friend at a very eary stage of my life.

<–Friendz Diary–>

My Friend PrasanthMy Friend Prasanth

His Nick Name is Sleeping Boy

Prashanth is a cool person to have around.You will never have a heavy moment when he is with you..
he is the great Comedian..he perform mimikiri for us..he is very Energetic. without him our class will me very silent enjoyment..
In Class, Most of the time he will sleep..and some time he will be caught..but he will escape very nicely..
i ve had small fights with him too…but just turns friendly at next min itself..thats his talent
He is a great fan of SURYA….loves him a lot..
He plays cricket very well…one of best to play with him…
I am happy to have a friend like him!!!!

<– Friendz Diary–>

My Friend DilipMy Friend Dilip

His nickname is Bow Bow

Dilip was very cool character ! he will not make problem !!!
That bow bow is does’t mean dog…
it is a codeword for giving mokkais to other guys, he is the one who introduce it.Thats the reason,we call him as bow bow

The record u kept in college .that is, in all semester u took only one!! amazing

bow bow likes only kho-kho match..and play cricket and kho-kho very well.thats his outdoor games .
He is the one of the main man where we able to defeat the 4th year class in cricket tournament when we was in the 2nd year.. **he only produce the last crucial run..
The day we became champions in our collage .

if he gets one camera he will not leave it ..untill the battery is over…
oh wat abt his cell? ya he doesnt leave his cell also ..
he take so many picture . he is mastered in taking pictures…

A charming n a cool personality i never see in my life

<– Friendz Diary–>

My Friend SrivatsanMy Friend Srivatsan

Name : Srivatsan

Nick Name: vatsa

He is a cool guys, like swimining very much..

He is a great friend to have when he is around u can enjoy every moment. i cant forget the moments that happened in iv tour..he is one among the best entertainer in our college…

He always helps other and gives new idea ..

He is one of the great friends i have.

He is one of the member of suguna gang in our college..

Hope he is blessed with all the happiness and he keeps smiling always!!

<–Friendz Diary–>

My College SymposiumMy College Symposium

These Pictures are taken In my College Symposium, When We was working For a trial in morning

This was our college second symposium.. we did so many special program. one of the best was “Fm08“..

we did the hard work..and it really paid off.

so many of them came and appreciated our work.

i was pushed in two jobs ..

one is “Fm08” and second one i designed an animation intro for our college Symposium.

i had a wonderful experience was new to me!! i am excited !!!

My Friend BalaMy Friend Bala

hi bala unna pathi solludharku evalavo eruku …………….

Nickname is Bolavayu
His Bf is Dilip

He is more cute and handsome. he always love to dance.

The day when i saw you i feel very proud because u didn’t mind any thing in collage especially taking almost one full month in first years collage days . where all of them afraid to do it..

i like to have fight with him but it does not last for an hour . that is his strength . i forgot to tell abt his playing skills he is good in table tennis and good in teaching also he teaches me how to play table tennis.

The group we had in our collage was amazing we make the whole noise but fortunately or unfortunately our next class! will be caught, credit goes to bala.

Bala love movie stars (ajith and superstar) and he will fight for his stars. most of the time in collage we will fight for our thala vs ? (some star ) question is who is great? whether our thala or someone else except (superstar&kamal) most of the time we will win !!!..with u i have seen more films especially all our thala and thalaivar films.

To have a friend like him was great .because u can feel it when u will be with him..

<–Friendz Diary–>

MY Search for Job is on..MY Search for Job is on..

Today i went for the off campus. unfortunately i didn’t get selected, but it is a good day for me because i was able to see some of my friend and luckily one of my friend got selected for the next round and i wished him good luck.

The worst thing that happen today was the road which i travelled to a college was very worst …my black pant and shoe got brown because of mud and dust due to rain…